The IPhone experience has showed us that successful applications are beautiful, fast and interactive. Today, Microsoft is showing off it’s reinvention of the Windows operating system. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is the company’s latest and greatest system software that will unite mobile, desktops, cloud as one utopia dream.
I gave it a run and my first impression is: “It looks great”. The user interface is intuitive, responds quickly and is highly interactive. You can download it from Microsoft’s website:

My learning curve lasted half an hour. By noon, I got a good hang of how this OS works. The START button have disappeared and this OS wants you to press the WINDOWS key to get to the new Start Menu. The idea is to pin all your favorite programs to the Start Menu.

For veteran Windows users these are the troubles to expect:
1. Control Panel is tough to get to.
2. You need to keep hitting the Windows key to get to the Start Menu. This key was useless previously.
3. All your programs are displayed in the App Menu. Right click on the bottom of the Start Menu to get there.

There are some nice surprises as I wandered and strolled around in this new space.

The weather app.

The map app.

Things to note:
Make sure you got 20gigs of free space on your C drive. This is something they don’t tell you before you start the download.

With this latest update, I predict everyone expects all applications to look great and work great. How should your PowerPoint slides and spreadsheet look like in this new age?