Having worked as an independent contractor for Excel VBA development for a number of years, I would like to share some useful expereinces for people who drop by my site and prospective clients. Firstly, I define an independent contractor as someone who who offers their time and skill over a limited engagement in exchange for compensation.

There are a number of good reasons you would want to hire someone from the outside to develop your Excel spreadsheets. Mainly to do with reducing overall costs and risks.

  • Reducing Costs
  • An independent contractor is hired only for the duration of a project and his engagement will end once the project finishes. Cost wise, you are only paying for his expertise for a limited duration. For small and mid sized projects, this is a very cost effective compared to hiring someone into your employment.

  • Reducing Risks
  • When you hire an independent contractor for a project, a well written service contract governs the rules of interaction with contractor and a view to acheive a certain set of visible end objectives. This service contract should have convenient termination clauses that allows both parties to terminate the project in a fair and amicable manner.