How to trust an Excel VBA application?

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A trust worthy person should be: 1. Honest & true 2. The person is honest and true in many different situations. 3.The person is honest and true over a long period of time. Trust takes time to build and it [...]

From the Global Financial Crisis to Microsoft Excel VBA.

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Thomas Friedman, NY Times columist. Thomas Friedman a New York Times columnist claimed that he has a theory of everything. In that brilliantly short article, he observed that for decades the middle class had easy credit, easy jobs [...]

Automate Excel with VBA programming to reduce errors

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Having worked as a business analyst I always have this fear of undiscovered errors when I present my Excel reports to my management. Recently, while working on an Excel project, I uncovered about 10 cells of calculation errors in a [...]

About Microsoft Excel VBA Programming

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If you are someone who uses Microsoft Excel to generate statistics-based business reports, create forecasts or do alot of routine Excel manipulations, this is why you need to know Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It makes you work faster. A [...]

Microsoft Excel 2007 VBA programming. Automated IP Address Checker

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As a service to the Excel user community, I've written a niffy little Excel VBA program. This program checks a valid IP address and it returns Country, City and Organization information in seconds! It works for Microsoft Excel 2007 or [...]