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We help you write, design, and deliver groundbreaking stories and visual presentations for every occasion.

PowerPoint Design Service Singapore
"Such Visions Have....", print by William Blake 1804 to 1820

Our PowerPoint design examples

We build corporate PowerPoint presentations with BIG impressions.

We are PowerPoint designers

with over a decade of experience in Singapore.

PowerPoint Design Service Singapore

We are good designers

Aeternus has the design chops to create beautiful graphics to accompany a stunning PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Design Service Singapore

We are strategic analysts

With clear-headed logic and strategic perspective, we explain difficult facts and figures using clear narratives and beautiful charts.

PowerPoint Design Service Singapore

We are copywriters

Our copywriting is always effective, compelling and to the point.

With multimedia design capabilities​

We have the multi-disciplinary design skills to create vibrant visuals for your PowerPoint presentations.

Animated infographics

2D animations

Video Sequences

PowerPoint Design Service Singapore

High impact hero slides

3D animations

PowerPoint Design Service Singapore

Charts and data visualizations

PowerPoint design service case studies

We have been helping C-suite executives craft memorable PowerPoint presentations for high stake pitch meetings, vision sharing town hall meetings and keynote events for over a decade.


“A Vision of Future Retail” presentation delivered at Roma International Estetica 2019, Rome, Italy. (Flip the card over for details)

We helped a French-based fine fragrance company to showcase their thought leadership in perfume retail for a high profile convention in Rome.
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Jaguar Land Rover

Asia Pacific Importer Conference 2017 with participants from 10 countries, held in W Singapore, Sentosa Cove. (Flip the card over for details)

Working with senior executives, we communicated the bold visions of this renowned automotive company during this 3 day event.
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How we work with clients

We listen to discover who you are, who your intended audience is, what you are trying to accomplish, and why.

Step 1 : exploration

We listen to discover who you are, who your intended audience is, what you are trying to accomplish, and why.

If your plan is missing or lacking that “something”, we will work with you and your team to shape and develop.

Step 2: planning

We, you and us, develop and polish a plan for creating your content and a plan for how we will measure success.

Step 3: creation

We will create on point, within budget, and on schedule content with a tight input/feedback system in place.


We worked with some of the biggest and most prominent companies in various industries. (Flip the logos for more information about the PowerPoint Design projects.)

Jaguar Land Rover-2018
JLR engaged us to create a series of high impact PowerPoint decks for their Regional Importers Conference held in Bangkok.
Money Sense-2019
MoneySense is Singapore’s national financial education programme. We were tasked with designing the PowerPoint training materials.
Lee Kuan Yew School-2019
We were hired to design an informative and memorable PowerPoint deck for high level partnership meetings in Asia.
The French-based fine perfumer company commissioned a PowerPoint presentation for their speaking slot in an important tradeshow in Rome.
Reckitt Benckiser-2014
RB is British based producer of health & hygiene products. A series of PowerPoint presentations were designed for a big conference in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any presentation requires thoughtful copywriting and visualizations to achieve a high quality result. The client should budget enough time for conceptualization & development process. A presentation may take several rounds of work and the final result often does not show the extent of previous labour.

Before we can proceed with any budgetary quote for a PowerPoint Design project, we need a set of well-understood requirements from you.  If preferred, we will be glad to arrange a phone and/or face meeting to understand your needs fully.

  1. What is this presentation used for?
  2. Who is the intended audience for this presentation?
  3. Is this presentation used in a public environment (published to the web, presented to public audiences) or private environment?
  4. How frequent will this presentation be used?
  5. Is there a specific date the new presentation needs to be completed by?
  6. Which version of Microsoft PowerPoint is my organization using?
  7. Does my organization apply restrictions to font installations to my office personal computer?

For any given project, if the number of man-days effort is reduced, the total costs can be reduced. This can be achieved by the following: –

  • Clear and well understood requirements from the start. This aids in an accurate initial quote.
  • Active participation by clients. During development, we will seek more clarifications from you as we develop the application. Active participation from you reduce delays.

From experience, we believe the chances of success for a PowerPoint Design Makeover project depends on these 4 factors: –

Project Complexity
Naturally a project with relatively simple logic is easier to implement. Your expectation of effort & budget should be aligned with the difficulty level of your project.

A Knowledgeable Client We need to work with someone who is knowledgeable with the business logic of the project. We need to translate his/her business knowledge into clear project requirements. His/her knowledge is needed again during the application testing stage.

Decision Making Power Decision power of the client matters to us. We prefer to work with someone with discretionary powers for budget approval to reduce our project risks.

Time In order to produce quality work we need time and we do not liked to be rushed. We learnt we could deliver a much better product with less costs, only with more time.

We value file safety and confidentiality. We are, in fact, fastidious about this. Before we start working, we require both parties to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement when sensitive information and data is to be shared.