Magazine quality charts in Excel 2003

I promise that after attending our Excel Charting course, your Excel charting skills will definitely go up by several notches
Magazine Quality Charts in Excel

I’d like to show you how we run our Excel Charting courses in AEternus Consulting. I promise that after attending our Excel Charting course, your Excel charting skills will definitely go up by several notches. As an example, I plucked out a pretty line chart from the Economist Magazine August 2009 issue.

Line chart from Economist Aug 2009 issue
Line chart from Economist Aug 2009 issue

Imagine you can create such magazine quality charts directly in Excel!

The benefits:

  • Refreshing way to present charts.
  • You do not need expensive charting software.
  • Explain your charts to management with your commentary.
  • Carry this skill everywhere you go.

The process:

Step 1: I started with data in a typical worksheet.

Sample figures in a Excel 2003 worksheet
Sample figures in a Excel 2003 worksheet

Step 2: Using the above figures, I insert a typical Excel line chart.

Step 3: We will coach you through detail steps to produce this Excel chart. Clearly, the results speak for themselves.

Once this chart is created, you simply need to update those numbers and new charts are redrawn. You can also update your expert comments right inside the chart!

New series of Excel 2003 charts are easily created
New series of Excel 2003 charts are easily created

Step 4: We don’t stop here. AEternus Consulting will build upon your newly acquired charting skills to create entire management dashboards.

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Aeternus Consulting offers an excellent workshop Storytelling with Data Visualization using Beautiful Excel Charts. This workshop is aimed at students visualizing thesis data, managers and analysts needing to communicate in a data-driven way and leaders informing their board to drive actions.

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