Heat wave in Tokyo, Beautiful Excel Charts.

A deadly heat wave in Tokyo, producing record high temperatures in Tokyo in July 2018.
Fan Heatwave
heat wave in tokyo
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A deadly heat wave in Tokyo, producing record high temperatures in Tokyo in July 2018. The heatwave in Tokyo has toppled temperature records across the country, with Kumagaya in Saitama outside Tokyo setting a new nationwide record on Monday with temperatures hitting 41.1 Celsius. Temperatures in Japan’s western cities of Yamaguchi and Akiotacho reached record highs of 38.8 Celsius and 38.6 C, respectively, on 25th July afternoon. An agriculture ministry official in Tokyo, the capital, warned against “pretty severe price moves” for vegetables if predictions of more weeks of hot weather held up, resulting in less rain than usual.

Japan Meteorological Agency has predicted it will remain hot for a few more weeks, and that we will have less rain than the average. I searched and downloaded some weather data from the Japan Meteorological Agency for Tokyo from the year 1875 to 2018. A total of 144 years of average monthly temperature data. You can take a look here.

Since I’m curious about the average July temperatures in Tokyo, I plotted the July temperatures as a line chart, added a linear trendline and forward forecast for 20 years. Interestingly, the Equation shows 0.0172X + 23.836. What it means is the mean July temperatures are expected to increase by 0.017 degrees Celsius every year.

heat wave in tokyo
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So even as we can expect more wild temperature outliers like heat waves, we can expect temperatures are rising in Tokyo due to global warming.

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