Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman, NY Times columist.

Thomas Friedman a New York Times columnist claimed that he has a theory of everything.

In that brilliantly short article, he observed that for decades the middle class had easy credit, easy jobs and easy entitlements. He argued that globalisation and IT have taken these away because brain power became more available and cheaper and people with the right skills gets further ahead.

What he wrote were stuff I learned during the Asian crisis. Jobs were scarce during those years. Competition was tough. University graduates working in coffeeshops made the news. Like what Friedman wrote “employers are finding it easier, cheaper and more necessary than ever to replace labor with machines, computers, robots and talented foreign workers… Good jobs do exist, but they require more education or technical skills.”

I remembered back then, I had the job of automating business reporting with Excel VBA and my colleagues feared that I was taking their work away. Reading these recent events was both nostalgic and foreboding. It is more important than ever before to come up with better ideas, learn more and improve how we work with IT. The rest of the world is increasingly impatient for you to be remarkable.

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