Programming with VBA in Microsoft Excel

First, solve the problem

Then, write the code.

Programming with VBA (Visual Basic Application) in Microsoft Excel

Designed for non VBA practitioners to solve real business problems with VBA programming & Excel macros.
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What is VBA Programming in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that you can use to manipulate, analyze, and present data. Built within Excel is a computer programming language called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). The idea is by writing a VBA computer program, you can instruct Microsoft Excel to perform complex, repetitive and even mundane tasks on your behalf. Used properly on suitable problems, a VBA program working within Excel can have wide ranging automation benefits that can increase a department’s productivity. As machine automation begins to take over many human tasks, learning how to code has been said to be an attractive employability skill for the future.

What this is about

Designed for non VBA computer programmers. This is a short & easy-to-follow workshop to develop a practical knowledge of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) with Microsoft Excel. The participant will learn how to build VBA programs from scratch that can automate Microsoft Excel to perform work. Throughout the course of the workshop, our facilitator incorporates VBA codes which address real life business problems.

What problems it solve

Traditional Excel VBA training overwhelms the non-practitioner with too many programming concepts. Consequently, the learner grasps the theory but not the practical experience to produce VBA codes for solving basic spreadsheet problems.

Structured for a gentle learning curve

Brief Outline

* Using the Visual Basic Editor
* The VBA programming workflow from code to execution
* Useful tips and tricks from real world situations
* VBA coding from scratch
* Developing with Excel Macros
* Processing massive records & Excel rows with VBA programming
* Create an automated report application with VBA
* Create an automated stock trading program with VBA

This workshop aims to train anyone with no programming experience to be proficient with the VBA programming language within Excel. By solving various challenging problems and doing guided projects, the participant will learn to perform a wide variety of automation tasks to improve Excel productivity and embark on interesting office automation projects.
Create a full featured automated business reporting app in our workshop.
Create a full interfaced VBA application in our workshop

Who should Attend

For Excel users who wish to expand their skill set to engage greater analyst roles. Participants are expected to have a good working knowledge of Excel as a pre-requisite.

Why Aeternus Training

VBA is a deep computer language. Like learning any language, instructor quality determines how much you get out of the classroom. Learn from real practitioners with over 15 years of development & consulting experience. Unlike other centers, we keep our classes small so that there are real discussions about real problems.

About the Trainer

Derek Leong is a fellow Consultant at Aeternus. He has a broad background in marketing, business analysis & software development. When he conducts Excel and other courses, he combines technical expertise and business experience with a creative bent.

Past Participants

We worked with the best companies and individuals in Singapore and abroad.
Created an automated service level dashboard for Terminal 2
Trained genius scholars on Excel
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microsoft excel training course client

We work with businesses and individuals

who need effective Microsoft Office training solutions.​

We organise bespoke corporate workshops​​

to improve employee productivity using Microsoft Office Tools.
Invited to Economics Dev Board to conduct a team building workshop.
At GIC Pte Ltd to run a yearly Excel workshop for government scholars.
We ran an annual 1 day business infographics workshop for EMA.

Comfortable learning environment

No stuffy windowless classrooms for you and us. No, no, no.
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