Microsoft Excel Productivity Cafe

Good Excel

is as stimulating as black coffee

Microsoft Excel Productivity Cafe

Turn into a Productivity Guru after you’ve had a sumptuous meal at our Excel Productivity Cafe.
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What is it

Pick up loads of time-saving tricks for Excel. Learn features that you do not even know they exist yet boosts your spreadsheet productivity. Take command of Excel like never before!

75 DELICIOUS Benefits of Attending

* 10 better ways of working with formulas.
* 15 fast winners. Techniques and Excel features to add value to your Excel spreadsheets.
* 20 indispensable functions – from the simple to the slightly more complicated.
* 25 keyboard and mouse shortcuts – sometimes it’s the simplest things that can save the most time.
* Top 5 Excel POWER tips according to Aeternus – impress and amaze everyone.

Who should Attend

Designed for Excel practitioners. Every participant will receive a full-colour copy of reference materials.

Why Aeternus Training

We have been consistently rated by our clients for great quality in program design & reference materials.

About the Trainer

Jacqueline Tang is the Principal Consultant at Aeternus. She is an engaging, sought-after public speaker and instructor for Microsoft Office and SharePoint.

Past Participants

We worked with the best companies and individuals in Singapore and abroad.
Created an automated service level dashboard for Terminal 2
Trained genius scholars on Excel
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microsoft excel training course client

We work with businesses and individuals

who need effective Microsoft Office training solutions.​

We organise bespoke corporate workshops​​

to improve employee productivity using Microsoft Office Tools.
Invited to Economics Dev Board to conduct a team building workshop.
At GIC Pte Ltd to run a yearly Excel workshop for government scholars.
We ran an annual 1 day business infographics workshop for EMA.

Comfortable learning environment

No stuffy windowless classrooms for you and us. No, no, no.
Curious? Play the video to find out.