Advanced Excel Training Courses Classes Singapore

Find your advanced Excel training courses classes Singapore here.

We have Microsoft Excel training courses & classes at Foundation, Professional & Master Levels – a complete Microsoft Excel learning road map to suit beginners & professional analysts.

Advanced Excel Training Courses Classes Singapore

Foundation Level | Advanced Excel Training Courses Classes Singapore

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities.”

Microsoft Excel Basic Tour
Microsoft Excel Advanced Tour
Excel Productivity Cafe

Professional Level | Advanced Excel Training Courses Classes Singapore

“Be awesome today.”

Excel PivotTables Inside Out
Data Management & Business Analytics in Excel
Basic VBA Programming with Microsoft Excel
Making Beautiful Excel Charts
Microsoft Excel for HR

Master Level | Advanced Excel Training Courses Classes Singapore

“The first move towards mastery is always inward.”

Advanced VBA Programming
Creating Executive Dashboards in Excel
Build Robust Spreadsheets in Excel
Create Beautiful Business Infographics

Past Corporate Clients

We have coached teams from various organisations for various Microsoft Excel Training Courses.

We work with businesses and individuals who need effective Microsoft Office training solutions.

Invited to Economics Dev Board to conduct a 1 day team building workshop “Customised Creating Beautiful Business Infographics with Microsoft Office”.

At GIC Pte Ltd to run a yearly Excel workshop for government scholars.

We conducted the annual 1 day “Introduction to Business Infographics” workshop for Energy Market Authority.

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Microsoft Excel Training Blog & Random Thoughts

Heat wave in Tokyo, Beautiful Excel Charts.

By |Microsoft Excel Training Blog|

Share this Excel Chart on Your Site A deadly heat wave in Tokyo, producing record high temperatures in Tokyo in July 2018. The heatwave in Tokyo has toppled temperature records across the country, with Kumagaya in Saitama outside Tokyo setting a new nationwide record on Monday with temperatures [...]

What would Steve Jobs do if he builds an Excel VBA spreadsheet?

By |Microsoft Excel Training Blog|

What do you think Steve Jobs would do if he builds an Excel spreadsheet or even writes an Excel VBA program? In Ken Segall’s new book, Insanely Simple, he observed from meetings with Steve Jobs, he will always start with small groups of smart people--and keep them small. Every time [...]

How to trust an Excel VBA application?

By |Microsoft Excel Training Blog|

A trust worthy person should be: 1. Honest & true 2. The person is honest and true in many different situations. 3.The person is honest and true over a long period of time. Trust takes time to build and it takes time to know someone well. To trust a new [...]

From the Global Financial Crisis to Microsoft Excel VBA.

By |Microsoft Excel Training Blog|

Thomas Friedman, NY Times columist. Thomas Friedman a New York Times columnist claimed that he has a theory of everything. In that brilliantly short article, he observed that for decades the middle class had easy credit, easy jobs and easy entitlements. He argued that globalisation and IT have [...]

About Microsoft Excel VBA Programming

By |Microsoft Excel Training Blog|

If you are someone who uses Microsoft Excel to generate statistics-based business reports, create forecasts or do alot of routine Excel manipulations, this is why you need to know Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It makes you work faster. A lot faster. Here are some more reasons: 1. All versions [...]

Microsoft Excel 2007 VBA programming. Automated IP Address Checker

By |Microsoft Excel Training Blog|

As a service to the Excel user community, I've written a niffy little Excel VBA program. This program checks a valid IP address and it returns Country, City and Organization information in seconds! It works for Microsoft Excel 2007 or Microsoft Excel 2010. [download#5#nohits] See how it works: [flashvideo file= [...]