Pie charts are a circular chart divided into sectors, illustrating proportion. I remembered learning them when I was in primary school. Apparently it was invented by this person called William Playfair in 1801.

An ancient pie chart showing the proportions of the Turkish Empire in different regions.

Pie charts are simple to understand but rather limited because:
1. Can only show a single data series.
2. Can only show limited slices else it becomes cluttered.

Here is a clever twist by using ring charts instead. The following chart was created in Microsoft Excel.

The awesomeness of this beautiful ring chart are:
1. Shows multiple series data instead of just one data series. I’ve taken advantage of this property by showing aggregated revenue data in the outer ring. The inner ring shows a detailed breakdown of monthly revenues.
2. Presents multiple slices of information without being overly cluttered. This needs a careful use of colours though.

To create this ring chart in Microsoft Excel, use this data format.

To learn more about how to create beautiful charts like these in Microsoft Excel, check out this workshop:
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