To explain the question “What is the Difference between a Macro and VBA ?”, let’s start from a simpler question “What is the Difference between a Book and English?”. Well, a book contains text that humans can read to understand ideas, abstract concepts, instructions and English is the language that a book can be written in. Get the idea? And that is the similar answer to the question “”What is the Difference between a Macro and VBA?”.

Trying to compare a Macro and VBA is quite fruitless as there are little grounds for comparison because both are very different concepts. A better question is to ask “What is the Relationship between a Macro and the computer language VBA”. And my answer will fit this new question much better: A Macro is a set of instructions that when read and understood by Microsoft Excel, it will perform work for the Excel user. Similar to a book, a Macro is written in a language known as “VBA” (which stands for “Visual Basic for Applications”) that Microsoft Excel is built to understand.

Now you might be wondering where on earth does a Macro comes from. You can create a Macro by using an Excel feature called “Macro Recorder” found in the Developer’s Ribbon.

Macro and VBA

The macro recorder records a user actions so that Excel can repeat them with less human effort. And without going into difficult details, this “Macro” is written in a computer language called “VBA” that was invented by Microsoft back in 1993.

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