Death by PowerPoint

It is a fact that most presentations suck, and they suck for many reasons.

It is a fact that most presentations suck, and they suck for many reasons.

This seminar is about how to create great looking slides. Making bad slides is easy and we have seen many. Making good slides is easy too, but you need to be willing to invest in your slides and invest in your own visual thinking skills. We’ll help you with the PowerPoint techniques along the way.

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Aeternus Consulting is the premier provider of design-based PowerPoint training courses in Singapore. Our courses are conducted by trainers with 20 yrs of industry and teaching experience.

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To learn more about how to create beautiful slides like these in PowerPoint, check out this workshop: PowerPoint Design Ideas

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  1. Interested in develop the powerpoint presentation capability in SGX (Singapore Exchange).

    Please contact for apreentation of your services.

    Bo Svefors

    (Acting Head of Communications)

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Aeternus Consulting is the premier consultancy firm for analyst-grade Microsoft Office training courses in Singapore. ACRA: T14LL0891K

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Excel PivotTables Inside Out
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Essential Microsoft Excel for HR Professionals
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PowerPoint Design & Animation Ideas for Business
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