Most analysts know how to create charts in Excel. Getting them to look good is another matter. It’s hard to imagine you can create magazine quality dashboards like these without dedicated software.

Charts like these ARE done in Excel. Excel has been overlooked as a platform to deliver dashboard reports simply because the techniques are not obvious or well known.

This 2 day workshop program is aimed at imparting the skills to create amazing charts and dashboards for your management audience. Design dashboards to show company operations at a glance to your board or investors.

Heavy coverage will be given on the concept and the practical methods of creating dashboards so that participants are immediately productive when they return to work.

More Dashboarding Ideas:
• You can place them in your routine emails, upload it to the web, publish it to SharePoint servers, put them in PowerPoint presentations. Spread your message. Reach out to those who needs to know!

• It can be done in Excel, so why not experiment? It’s cheap and risk free. Don’t wait for management to decide. Bring new dashboard projects to your management.

• Everyone has the same tools. Why not compete with each other to come up with the best dashboard designs?

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create executive dashboards with microsoft excel training course singapore

create executive dashboards with microsoft excel training course singapore