Dandie Romero
Course Attended: Advanced VBA Programming in Excel
Year Attended: 2014

Dandie undertook an unsupervised VBA programming project upon finishing the 4 day Advanced VBA Programming in Excel workshop from Aeternus Consulting LLP.

Nature of Project:
Dandie implemented a database application for a pharmacy to track the issue of controlled medicines to patients. His application has solved the laborious problem of manual tracking of various medical products and improved accuracy and error rates in this work process.

Screen Shots of Application

Critique on Criteria: Code Documentation
Excellent code documentation. There was liberal use of coding comments to explain the logic of VBA codes. Good use of variable naming to improve readability of codes for long term maintenance.

Critique on Criteria: Degree of Modularity Designed
Excellent structuring of modules. Subroutines are well modularised as evidenced by its relatively small size and the subroutines are further organized into modular folders within the VBA project. Each Worksheet object serves a single purpose and together they form a coherent system.

Critique on Criteria: Visual Appeal, Ease of Use, Functional Quality
Good visual appeal & ease of use. There is considerable effort in the interface design to improve usability of the database application. The interface has effectively removed the complexity of a traditional Excel workbook with numerous worksheets. Excellent functional quality. The application built-in numerous features that aids the business workflow of issuing medical products. There is a search feature, drop list customization, multiple reporting features.

Overall Achievement & Demonstrated Areas of Competence
Dandie has demonstrated high level of competence in the following areas:
• Good understanding of the business problem and able to conceptualise an Excel database application to address the problem.
• Able to design an abstract database information structure that captures the actual business process and required data.
• Able to design a functional and coherent user interface in Excel application programming.
• Proficient in VBA programming in Excel to create a working database application.

Date: 28 May 2014
Derek Leong
Developer Consultant
Æternus Consulting LLP