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We like to put our tentacles into a lot of things. We teach, consult, design presentations and develop VBA applications & websites.

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Work with multiple Excel worksheets at the same time

Imagine when you open a workbook, multiple windows will be opened and each window allows you to work on 1 worksheet and they get arranged nicely across a large LCD monitor. Sounds like a dream? Well this is easy to do.

Dashboard ideas from Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has a lot of good looking charts which I draw my dashboard ideas. You can hardly find any in BusinessWeek or Fortune nowadays. The chart from WSJ below shows a complex story of European bank revenues from equity capital markets deals(ECM).

Bullet chart in Excel

A bullet chart is a relatively new kind of chart invented by Stephen Few. I was pleasantly surprised to see one in a recent copy of The Wall Street Journal.

A magazine quality chart in Excel

I know the idea of creating beautiful charts in Excel seems unfamiliar, but I assure you Excel is a very capable platform to do so. At first sight, the chart below does not look like it comes from Excel.