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Creative Mess Messy

Charts in FundSuperMart suck!

FundSuperMart is a Singapore produced magazine covering investment insights and trends on mutual funds. I picked up a copy at a 7-11 store and thumbed it through. I liked the articles. They appear thoughtfully written and are supported by charts.

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Lines Rig Electricity

Excel Line Charts with Elegant Dates

I came across this stock chart in the Kuala Lumpur’s edition of the Business Times while I was in Malaysia. The chart has an elegant treatment of dates. I have seen this sort of designs in many magazines and wanted an afternoon challenge to do this in Excel.

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Gears Automation

About Microsoft Excel VBA Programming

If you are someone who uses Microsoft Excel to generate statistics-based business reports, create forecasts or do a lot of routine Excel manipulations, this is why you need to know Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It makes you work faster. Lots faster.

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