Heat wave in Tokyo, Beautiful Excel Charts.

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Share this Excel Chart on Your Site A deadly heat wave in Tokyo, producing record high temperatures in Tokyo in July 2018. The heatwave in Tokyo has toppled temperature records across the country, with Kumagaya in Saitama outside [...]

What would Steve Jobs do if he builds an Excel VBA spreadsheet?

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What do you think Steve Jobs would do if he builds an Excel spreadsheet or even writes an Excel VBA program? In Ken Segall’s new book, Insanely Simple, he observed from meetings with Steve Jobs, he will always start with [...]

How to trust an Excel VBA application?

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A trust worthy person should be: 1. Honest & true 2. The person is honest and true in many different situations. 3.The person is honest and true over a long period of time. Trust takes time to build and it [...]

From the Global Financial Crisis to Microsoft Excel VBA.

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Thomas Friedman, NY Times columist. Thomas Friedman a New York Times columnist claimed that he has a theory of everything. In that brilliantly short article, he observed that for decades the middle class had easy credit, easy jobs [...]

About Microsoft Excel VBA Programming

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If you are someone who uses Microsoft Excel to generate statistics-based business reports, create forecasts or do alot of routine Excel manipulations, this is why you need to know Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It makes you work faster. A [...]

Microsoft Excel 2007 VBA programming. Automated IP Address Checker

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As a service to the Excel user community, I've written a niffy little Excel VBA program. This program checks a valid IP address and it returns Country, City and Organization information in seconds! It works for Microsoft Excel 2007 or [...]