Try this in any jobs website like Search for any “data” related jobs and you find a huge number of openings even in tough times like these! In fact A quick search of other popular job posting sites shows a big demand for data analyst or anyone who can demonstrate other “big data” skills.
If you have been watching the technology forums, “The age of Big Data” is upon us. There are writings on the wall:

  • IDA recognizes Business Analytics as emerging sector to enhance Singapore’s competitiveness.
  • SAS Institute signed a strategic partnership with the four leading universities in Singapore, aiming to jointly develop the local business analytics industry.

  • Companies in many industries now understand that they need to make better sense of the massive data sets at their disposal. There is a demand for data analysts that understand math and statistics but also have a flare for “art.” They understand how to display or visualize that raw information so its value can be understood.

    How would you fit in this age of big data? Excel proficiency is must and VBA programming becomes a prized skill along with sharp mind for logic