Beautiful Excel Charts: chart with emojis

This is a very simple way to create a beautiful chart in Microsoft Excel to visually display numbers with emojis and emoticons!

Pretty much anyone can put some data into Excel and create a chart. But not everyone can create a chart that is beautiful, easy to understand and tells a compelling story! Being able to visualize data tell a great narrative is key to turning it into information that can be used to drive better decision making.

This is a very simple way to create a beautiful chart in Microsoft Excel to visually display numbers with emojis and emoticons! The key idea is to use the Excel Function REPT to create repeating emojis. The Microsoft Excel REPT function returns a repeated text value a specified number of times.

The syntax for the REPT function in Microsoft Excel is:

REPT( text, number )

chart with cute emojis
Quick and easy way to create a chart in Microsoft Excel!

Step 1: Create the data set directly on an empty worksheet.

Step 2: Insert an emoticon in cell B13 by pressing the windows keyboard shortcut: Windows key and the period button.

inserting emojis using windows keyboard shortcut
Press Windows key + Full stop key to display the Emojis dialog window.

Step 3: Insert an Excel formula in Cell D3 =REPT($B$13,ROUND(C3/100000000,0))

Step 4: Autofill this formula in cell D3 to D13 and you are all done!

There are many possibilities to this basic Excel chart design. You can vary the font colours easily for a different look or even change the icons by using true type wingding fonts instead of emojis. By using icons in a chart it can make difficult numbers easier to digest for an audience.

I have provided the actual Excel file for you to download here. This file is licensed under Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.

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