composite of man using tablet computer with graph

Most business analysts aren’t the outgoing types. They would prefer to work quietly in the background, hoping their attention to detail and accuracy to numbers are appreciated. I assure you those attributes are certainly valued, but it won’t win you any awards. WHY? Because you are playing by the rules. Your reports are accurate, the numbers are right and management expects them to be so. This expectation for the same performance will pigeonhole you as “GOOD”, but you are not “REMARKABLE”.

How to make that elevated grade? As analysts, you are in a unique position to draw data from many data sources both historical and current. Your work is seen by top management. What if you could:

Present old data in a new insightful way?

Current sales revenues in boring tables? Change the rules, break them in fact. Why not include entire year’s sales performance in a tiny sparkline? Give commentaries to past and present. Place your insights right where your bosses can see them (don’t forget to put your name at the lower right corner).

PS: Have fun along the way.