I just tried out Google Docs over the weekend and I like what I see. Google Docs is Google’s online version of wordprocessor, spreadsheet, and presentation software similar to Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs.

Let me explain why you should pay attention to Google Docs. It might change your life by the year 2015!

Firstly these are the essential things you need to know:

  1. It’s totally free. It liberates you from the tranny and costs of a MicroSoft Office licenced software.
  2. You only need a web browser and an internet connection to use Google Docs.
  3. It’s rather capable as a Office Software Suite. I’ll say it CAN satisfy 70% of our usual needs.
  4. Files are stored on Google’s servers. You can be able to open my documents from any computer.
  5. Many people can work on those files at the same time. You just need to invite people to use a file.

It’s not useful to TALK about how Microsoft’s desktop version is more powerful. It’s more productive to THINK about what Google Docs can do for you right now and in the future!

This is my 2015 timeline prediction of Google Docs:

Year 2010
Google Docs started in 2006 and is part of Google Apps. Companies will start small scale deployments of Gmail storage to eventually replace Microsoft Outlook.

Year 2012
Google Docs gains momentum in SMEs around the world especially in developing countries.

Year 2014
Mobile access of internet becomes main stream. Documents are no longer siloed in desktops. Business are conducted with very smart mobile phones .

Year 2015
Google Docs reaches 80% penetration in major schools and education,40% penetration in corporations . It works along side Microsoft Office as an accepted productivity software.