We are a
Microsoft Office consultancy
& digital creative agency.

We specialise in Microsoft Office training, VBA application development, Business modeling in Excel, infographic designs, data visualizations and web UX UI.

Our services

Microsoft Office training workshops

We work with businesses and individuals who need effective Microsoft Office training courses in Singapore. Inspired by real life problems faced by professional analysts, our workshops are designed to be immediately useful.

VBA App Development Service

We are practising software engineers and data analysts with real-world experience in developing Excel VBA applications, Microsoft Access databases, Excel Business Reports, Excel Dashboards and Business Models.

UX UI Design Services

We build corporate PowerPoint presentations with BIG impressions. We sift through listening well to you, research and do a lot of critical thinking to create slides that communicate the essence of your company and its differentiating message.

Individuals we have helped

We had epic adventures with clients

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How to use Windows API in VBA

The Windows Application Programming Interface (Windows API) is a set of functions from the Microsoft Windows operating system that are available to Windows programmers.

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What is VBA ?

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) first appeared in Microsoft Excel 5.0 all the way back in 1993. It quickly gathered success among 3rd party software developers to create automation solutions using Excel.

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