Work with multiple Excel worksheets at the same time

Imagine when you open a workbook, multiple windows will be opened and each window allows you to work on 1 worksheet and they get arranged nicely across a large LCD monitor.  Sounds like a dream?  Well this is easy to do.

  1. Open any workbook and click on Window->New Window.
  2. Do this 3 more times.
  3. Click Window->Arrange. Choose “Tiled” from the Arrange Window dialog box.

At this point you should see 4 windows all pointing to the same workbook. Use each window on the screen to access different worksheets, effectively you are working on 4 sheets at the same time!  Any save command you perform will save all your work to the same workbook.  And get this: next time you open the same file, you get this set up just where you left off!

Opening 4 worksheets at the same time

Opening 4 worksheets at the same time

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