Great week of Microsoft Office Power Tips and Tricks

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Microsoft Office Training Singapore
Microsoft Office Training Singapore

We were invited by NTUC, Wincor-Nixdorf and Calyon between 24th and 26th June 2009 to organize 3 sessions of Microsoft Office Training Power Tips training seminars.

Registration for both NTUC @ One Marina Boulevard and Wincor-Nixdorf far exceeded than anticipated. We had only expected 20 to 30 pax maximum to sign up, however, registration and attendance exceeded 100. Staff from different NTUC Unions all over Singapore, taking time off to attend the seminar. We had Wincor-Nixdorf managers and heads end their meetings before 3 p.m. to make it on time for the Microsoft Office training seminar.

Sharifah of Wincor-Nixdorf presented Jacqueline  with a token of appreciation of a certificate.